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Dear EAFPS member,

The Executive Board has organised a series of webinars for our members. Prof. Dr. Fazil Apaydin and Miss Nadia Ashraf FRCS, Chair of Distant Learning Focus Group, are in charge of organizing the webinars. We are honoured to present a very highly scientific program.

The webinars have been designed to take 30-40 minutes each and will be broadcast via Zoom video conferencing. Each lecturer will be introduced by a moderator at the start of the session. After the lecture, questions sent by the audience will be forwarded by the moderator to the lecturer who will be able to respond to them. You will be invited to participate to this meeting through a link sent to your registered e-mail. These webinars are only available free of charge to our current paying members and cannot be accessed otherwise.

Kind regards,

EAFPS Executive Board

President: Hesham Saleh
President-elect: Alwyn D’Souza
General Secretary: Jose Carlos Neves
Treasurer: Frank Riedel
Immediate Past President: Fazil Apaydin

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